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Some frequently asked questions

What is the duration? 

The duration of the class is approximately 2 hours.

What is the minimum age? 

The minimum age is 6 years. In summer we have specialized classes for children between 6 and 8 years old. If you are interested in these classescontact us.

What material do I need? 

The school will provide you with all the necessary technical material (wetsuit, board, invention). Remember to bring your swimsuit, towel and sun cream.

Do minors need  authorization? 

Yes, we have a permit that must be signed by the father, mother or legal guardian of all minors.

Where is the school located? 

 The school is located in COBAS, in Ferrol, and classes are taught on the beaches of Ferrol (Cobas), and Valdoviño.

What beach do we surf on? 

We always surf on the beach that offers the best sea and wind conditions, and that suits the level of our students. We will send you a WhatsApp the day before confirming the time and beach.

Do you have any questions?

Thanks. Soon we will confirm your reservation!

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